ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe: A great shoe to start your run today (My Review)

The Shoe Comes First, with the ASICS GEL Venture 5
men's gel venture 5 run shoe

We all need a great shoe that suits our feet best.  This shoe is great because:

  1. It’s innovative design makes it easy and PAIN-FREE to run in.
  2. It allows you to easily travel through areas with soft dirt, mud, etc.
  3. It’s super affordable!

Using the GEL Venture 5 Is Super Comfortable

If you suffer from fasciitis or just any foot pain…

…then suffer no more.

This shoe’s rubber sole and rearfoot GEL cushioning make for a very smooth run.  When I tried a pair on, I felt like I was running ona cloud.

It’s removable sockliner can be a substitute for people who need to wear orthotics.


It’s Very Versatile

If you feel like running on a dirt trail or doing a workout on a wet hill, this shoe will make it easy for you to push yourself without struggling through the obstacles of nature.

It’s trail-specific outsole makes it possible to fly through a wet jungle.

The GEL Venture 5 is Super Affordable

Most decent running shoes can be marked at over $100!

You can get these for about $50.  So you can get a good run in while saving a few bucks.

This is a crazy deal for what most other shoes cost.

Save Money on Your Running Shoes

Why You Need the Right Shoe

A lot of people will get any pair of running shoes before they start their journey.

It’s always important to make sure that you get a shoe that is very comfortable and easy to run in. 

Here Are Some Testimonials About the GEL Venture 5

“I just started running again.  I don’t see how I can use any other shoes now.  They fit my feet great, they are super comfortable, and NO PAIN.  Thanks ASICS seriously.” -Matt S.

“I tried running for a while.  It was fine until I was getting severe pain in my heel.  I gave up on it after that.  I came across the GEL Venture 5 online.  I thought I would try it out because I needed to start running again.  After I tried these, I was speeding down this old dirt path with complete ease.  No pain, and it felt like I was running on air. They were also very affordable.  I would definitely recommend these.” -Chris B.  

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What’s the Verdict?

I definitely recommend these shoes for anybody.  Make an investment on your health, and save some money at the same time.

Thumbs up!

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